What we do

The nclusion™ assessment helps organisations embed difference and inclusion across their business infrastructure and culture.

The nclusion™ assessment addresses the challenge of embedding a culture of inclusiveness that goes beyond diversity.

The nclusion™ tool, evaluates business critical competencies across both the ‘hard’ issues of strategy, policy, structure and systems and the ‘soft’ issues that develop appropriate skills such as behaviors, attitudes, culture and a style of inclusive leadership that will enable organisations to create a high performance environment through difference.

What we assess

The nclusion™ assessment is a unique data driven organisational personality barometer that encompasses a planned, systematic approach to improving organisational inclusion by aligning strategy, people and processes.

The nclusion™ tool is a pragmatic organisational health check across:

Inclusive Leadership  -  Ethical Practice  -  Commitment to Difference  -  Realising the Commercial Gain from Inclusion  -  Collaborate Practice Values  -  Collaborative Communication  -  Inclusive Roles & Responsibilities  -  Inclusive Teams & Teamwork  -  Inclusive Goals & Objectives  -  Challenging Prejudice

The nclusion™ Report

Our unique on-line measure delivers a powerful and pragmatic report that offers clear objectives to drive meaningful dialogue in a one to one, team or board facilitation context. This is based on an automated evaluation of individual responses or a collective evaluation of a team, department or organisation.

Our detailed individual, team or corporate report outputs;

Outlines clear goals and objectives around inclusive work practices for discussion, with a critical emphasis on observable and measureable performance
Moves away from static definitions of diversity to concentrate on wider inclusive performance that is tangible, sustainable and measureable
Will build behaviors, systems, processes and cultural agendas that are flexible & adaptive, ensuring inclusive goals & objectives are responsive to rapid changes and uncertainty
Creates performance metrics that will enable managers to have pragmatic dialogue around inclusive performance, to enhance both team fit and business cultural alignment for ALL employees
Will ensure a common currency for language for utilising diverse talent to embed key strategic agendas
Create a fair, open and transparent continuous improvement legacy that is owned by everyone regardless of ethos

How it works

Once the nclusion™ assessment has been completed we offer a blended learning solution that aims to embed change at the individual level where hot spots have been identified.

At a team level we can run facilitiation sessions that elicit critical actions for change across people, systems & processes, communication & culture.

At the departmental level/organisation wide level, we can advise on business critical strategic actions to fully create an inclusive leadership agenda, aid cultural transition and enhance business infrastructure.

Our solution can also feed recommendations into the following business areas;

Recruitment  -  Retention  -  Development  -  External Partnerships  -  Communication  -  Training